Creative Story Project

  Hi! I'm Joyce Vanderpool, Executive Director and co-founder of Creative Story Project. As a storyteller and            trained emcee, I have long-known the value of story in multiple facets of our lives. As a member of the             Cleveland Storytelling Guild and the National Storytelling Network (NSN), I have continually learned and applied    the many types and uses of story. I've witnessed its impact in multiple organizations such as Bradley Sunrise         Rotary, Habitat for Humanity, churches and multiple civic organizations. Being parents of four grown children   with four grandchildren, and four (and counting) great-grandchildren, I am often supplied with fodder for   personal stories.

  Hi! I'm Pete Vanderpool, Program Coordinator and co-founder of Creative Story Project. Yes, I do portray the        character you recognized when you saw my picture -- 30+ years and enjoying every minute. As a successful            entrepreneur, speaker, and author, I have grown in my knowledge and use of story, and now enjoy focusing on    story gathering -- teaching how to find relevance in the stories of your life. Whether we explore together ways        to add value to your business through story, or work with you personally on going from success to significance,    I enjoy engaging with people with interactive programs and building of relationships.

The history of Creative Story Project: When Pete Vanderpool started portraying Santa Claus at a downtown mall in Appleton, Wisconsin, he quickly realized how many stories surfaced during his time with the kids and their families. He also identified the fact that children were particularly vulnerable to potential kidnapping and harm through their natural trust of Santa Claus. Thus he and Joyce formed The Santa Project as a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, going into schools or other organizations to educate adults and children alike of the unfortunate dangers that children face. During this time, he discovered and joined a storytelling guild, learning even more of the multiple uses of story -- both written and oral. When the School Resource Officers took over the job of teaching safety in the schools, he and Joyce investigated a new direction for the use of story, and subsequently assume the legal name of the corporation as Creative Story Project, serving Alzheimer's/dementia residents, at-risk youth, grief camps for youth, and subsequently the Squeeze Your Stories concept. Both Vanderpools have extensive storytelling training, and are certified TimeSlips facilitators. 

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