Creative Story Project

Concept of Story Power Programs:
The use of creative story in multiple disciplines presents an interactive and creative opportunity for participants of all ages to contribute to the writing of a story, providing fellowship, encouragement, and entertainment.

Story Power: Primarily used with Alzheimer's/dementia residents in care facilities, creative story has proven to delay the progress of dementia. The process replaces the pressure to remember with the freedom to imagine, while encouraging communication with fellow residents, caregivers and family members. Although we aren't therapists, we have been told that this process is "cognitive and behavioral therapy at its finest."

Inter-generational Story Power: We are privileged to work with middle and high school students, educating them about aging and the elderly, and Alzheimer's/dementia. Upon completion of the educational component, the students go into an area care facility and assist with the presentation of a Story Power program. Sessions always include lots of laughter, hugs and invitations to return. All benefit from the love and hugs, and the residents are imbued with an enthusiasm for life that youth can provide.

Story Power for Youth: The creative story process teaches the concepts of the oral tradition of story to assist youth by developing skills in creative writing, public speaking, personal engagement, and better understanding of self and others. This program has shown success with at-risk, learning challenged and even grieving youth, and can be taught in a one-time event or a weekly gathering.

Squeeze Your Stories: The stories of your life are filled with relevance experienced in the past, present, and on into the building of your legacy. The individual units of the Squeeze Your Stories workshops, offered separately or combined into one-day or weekend retreats, gently guide you through the stories of your life,  helping you apply the wisdom of your experience to the building of your legacy.    Talks can be presented on such topics as Listening Skills, Who's Writing Your Story, What's Writing Your Story, or From Success to Significance. 

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